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Family Man. Wealth Manager. Author. Speaker. Serial Entrepreneur.  Travel Lover. Chick-Fil-A Fanatic.


I have been lucky enough to be actively involved in youth and children’s ministry for over 10 years. I believe 100% in the truth of the Bible and try to live my life and run my businesses by its guiding principles such as: you reap what you sow, only servants go to Heaven, and love your neighbor like yourself.


They say that time flies when you are having fun and that has never been more true than when talking about Megan and I. We first started “dating” at 14 and we were having so much fun together that before we knew it we were married and had two little munchkins running around the house.


After getting into major debt at age 19 I realized that no matter how much money I made I would always be broke if I didn’t understand how money actually worked.  I have been blessed to take all that I have learned over the past 10+ years and provide a truly unique wealth management experience for my clients through www.KovarCapital.com.

Lessons on Wealth

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows”

Small Book. Huge Impact.

True wealth is not about money. It is about freedom. Freedom from worry, stress, and anxiety about money, finances, your job, and your life. Wealth is the ability to choose your own path, instead of being forced into a role defined by others. It is the state of being able to respond to your life’s true purpose without being captive to the demands of debt.

Lessons on Wealth was created as a guide to assist the clients of my wealth management practice, Kovar Capital, teach their children and grandchildren about the basics of how to acquire freedom through wealth.  I have written it in a way that is easy to understand and short enough that no matter what your time constraints are, you can easily finish it within a day.

Lessons on Wealth can be purchased on Amazon for $15 by clicking here but if you order from us not only will you save $5 but you’ll also receive the PDF version for FREE which you can then download to your iPad/Kindle/etc.  Once we receive your purchase our team will ship your book out within 2 business days.

Interested In Working With Me?

Growing up my parents stressed to me the importance of treating others the way I want to be treated; it is that principle that drove me to leave a cushy job at a major Wall Street brokerage firm and start my own practice.  At my old firm, I felt like clients were regarded as cattle which advisors knowingly lead to slaughter; clients did not receive the truly pleasant and unique wealth management experience they deserved.

As a fee-based wealth manager I proudly act as a fiduciary for my clients. Meaning that, unlike most financial advisors, I have a legal obligation to place your interests far above my own in all recommendations I make.  My firm, Kovar Capital, does not receive a single kickback/bribe commission on products that we recommend, so you can be assured that our opinions are completely unbiased.

If  you are interested in working with me and my team please read through the following information then contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

Who I Serve

I have been blessed to have a great group of clients for several years now. While each client is unique, there are a few commonalities among them that might help you determine if you would benefit from my services:

  1. Most clients are highly successful business owners, healthcare specialists, c-suite executives, or other public figures such as politicians and professional athletes.
  2. Most clients are fairly conservative investors that place high value on family legacy, philanthropic efforts, and social improvement.
  3. Most clients are familiar with investing in various asset classes and understand that all investments involve risk.

Just as there are some traits all of my clients share, there are also several traits none of them possess:

  1. Clients do not let a down day in the markets interfere with their long term goals.
  2. Clients are not interested in following the latest penny stock/Ponzi/pyramid schemes in order to get rich quick.
  3. Clients are not involved in money-laundering or other illegal activities.
How I Serve

From the moment you contact Kovar Capital, our team works tirelessly to provide a luxurious wealth management experience that is tailormade to your financial situation.

  1. Within 3 days of completing account opening documents every new client receives a package in the mail with the following:
    1. Details of next steps in order to maximize our services.
    2. Step-by-step instructions on how to access our online system and link external accounts, online storage vault, and mobile app for smartphone and iPad. Our team will set all of this up for you in the office, but this is provided in case you need a reference.
    3. List of the vendors we work with, why we work with them, and what you can expect from them.
    4. Hardcopy new client questionnaire that our team will use in servicing your accounts. This questionnaire can also be completed online.
    5. Letter from me outlining our company goals and promises.
  2. Every week you will receive an email that outlines your net worth and any changes that have occurred within your accounts.  
  3. Semiannually we provide a thorough, easily understandable update letter on your financial situation so you know exactly where your money is invested and why, your progress toward goals, and any updates on your financial plan.

I visit with each client at least twice per year and provide unlimited email, telephone, and text message support between meetings. For clients not living in East Texas, we work together virtually utilizing web conferencing software and usually only meet face-to-face every other year depending upon my travel schedule.  My preferred method of communication is email as it allows me time to review your account and answer questions thoroughly.

You will also get access to the latest account monitoring technology, which allows 24/7 access to all of your accounts, aggregated into one user-friendly platform. We invest heavily in technology and are always exploring new options so our planning approach is more proactive than that of the the typical financial advisor.

Next Steps

If after reading the information listed above you would like to have a conversation about working together , I would be happy to invest an hour of my time getting to know you and your goals in order to determine if my services could be a valuable asset to you.  Unless you are an East Texan I do all of my initial appointments via phone and/or web conference. To set up an initial meeting, have your questions answered, and see if Kovar Capital could be a good fit, please complete the contact form below and expect someone from my team to contact you within 2 business days or click on the “Schedule Meeting” button now.


Hey there! Thank you for your interest in contacting me!

Please note that due to the growth of my sites, I receive over 100 emails a day, so please forgive me if I am unable to respond to your inquiry right away.  If you’d just like to say hi, thanks, or have a quick question you don’t mind other people seeing, I would appreciate a quick message on my Facebook Page or Twitter instead.

Need a quote for your article ? Want to know more about working with me? Have a question you’d like answered? Drop me a message in the form to the right or use one of the contact options below!

106 E Lufkin Ave
Lufkin, TX 75901
Local: 936-899-5629
Toll Free: 844-568-2747

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